Nov 29, 2007

Ian seemed to have a good day today. He worked hard for his therapists at the hospital. They are having him work on eating on his own and gaining more control and movement in his right arm. As of now, he doesn't do much with that arm. It's like his brain isn't communicating to him that he has that arm. So they want to try to re-establish those connections from his brain to his arm.

Steve said that he did really well sitting up tonight. It's amazing how well he does at sitting for us. I can't wait until the day that he can stand.

I also can't wait for the day that he can talk to us. I want to know what his life has been like for the past year. Please pray for his communication. Only God can show him how to talk again- pray that He would reveal that to Ian. I'm dying to know his thoughts on his life, God, suffering, everything.

Thanks you for praying



Brando said...

Wow, I used to work in that computer lab. Many long years ago . . .

I keep Ian in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

While praying for Ian yesterday I continually asked the Lord to let him talk to you. Will continue to pray for this and more!

Nora said...

Keeping Ian and all of you in my prayers. I pray the Lord will restore his voice soon.

Sandy said...

Amen about the talking; Ian speaking words is my constant prayer for him, and for those who love and care for him so tenderly. We serve a mighty, powerful, caring, gentle, kind, all-knowing Lord. He is near.
sandy kimmel

Annie said...

I really hope that Ian is able to walk and talk and raise that right arm. I understand what you as a family etc are going throgh. My grandpa had a stroke earlier this year and his right arm is paralysed and speech and standing is hard for him. But i have seen God do little miracles at a time with him. Tiny steps of progress. I want to encourage you that God is working with you-unifying you all together and holding you. Ian will be restored-God is healing him. One day Ian will stand and raise his arms to heaven and sing God's praises. Look ahead to that day-pray continually for it. I know i cannot wait tp see that day with my grandpa.
Much love in Christ.