Oct 8, 2007

"Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows."
Isaiah 53:4

Christ carried our griefs and sorrows when he hung on the cross. He hung there for my sins. My wicked heart, that so often gives in to the hourly temptations brought by this trial, is seen as righteous. I am clothed in righteousness because of Jesus' blood and that is what God considers. In light of eternity and what was accomplished at the cross, this trial is so small. These daily situations that tempt me to sin are so insignificant in comparison to the cross. I am sickly aware of my suffering, but I desperately need the Lord to make me aware of my salvation.

Lord, help us to see the cross before all other wayward thoughts.

Ian's throat seems to be feeling better. He has asked to have real food today and yesterday. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer.

Please keep praying for Ian. Pray that he would be encouraged and that he would want to come back to us.



Anonymous said...

your post is achingly honest to me...i stumble along this road as well. you are seeing your sin though, and enjoining christ to look at what he did, and not what you are feeling. i love you and am praying.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if Ian was able to eat any "real food"?

Bethlehem, PA

Anonymous said...

Still praying.

Liz, UK

friends of ian said...

Lisa- Ian was able to eat some ice cream and peaches. So far, he just eats pureed food.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that Ian was talking again. He just started talking all of the sudden. He wasn't in his wheelchair either. I'm always disappointed when I wake up from dreams like that, because I have that moment of realization that it isn't real, or at least not real yet.

But I'm grateful for those dreams too, because God lets me see Ian completely healed, if only for a little bit. And it reminds me to keep hoping.

I wonder what Ian dreams about. I wonder if he's dissappointed when he wakes up in the morning, sometimes.

Keep hoping Ian.

Alicia Joy LeBlanc