Sep 6, 2007


Ian seems to be on the mend; he seems to be growing stronger. He had different people in today continuing to work with him who said he did well for them. This morning he looked right at me which is not a common occurrence these days (it takes my breath away for just a moment when he does it).

Tonight, we were sitting him up working on "trunk control," and he seemed to be working out. That's the only explanation we had for the way he was behaving. He would lean forward from a sitting position, hold himself there, then bring himself back up to an upright position. He would hold himself there for a while, then he would lean forward again and do it all over. We're also noticing that he keeps his balance much better side-to-side.

Every day, we wake up, because God shows us mercy. Every day, I arrive home from work safe, because God shows me mercy. Most importantly, God has shown mercy to me and to Ian sparing us from an eternity of punishment. I have to keep reminding myself over and over of these most important truths when the progress seems slow. Help me, Lord, to be patient and to be grateful.

Pray for Ian....



Anonymous said...

Being grateful with you and praying for Ian and for all of you.
Chris P.

Anonymous said...

God is faithful and we are grateful too. keep the faith!

Joanne P