Sep 2, 2007

God hasn't changed

Recently, I was reminded again of the fact that God doesn't change. Just because I can't see the good that God is doing through all of this with Ian doesn't mean He isn't good. Like a rock, he doesn't change with the seasons or the circumstances. He is and always has been what He declares about Himself in His Word. He is good. He is kind. He is all-powerful. He rules all things. Like snow on rocks in the winter, challenging circumstances can obscure my view of him. If I'm not careful, circumstances can even deface my view of him. I must choose to believe God is doing good even if I don't see it.

Ian seems to be sleeping off his illnesses. He has slept peacefully for hours this evening. We decided not to do anything more with him tonight, because he is sleeping so peacefully and soundly.

Thank you for praying...


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