Aug 26, 2007

The week in review

A lot seems to have happened this week. Each therapist that has come in has seen improvement and is encouraged. Here's just a sampling:

- Taking an object from someone's hand now seems to be an old skill.

- He's learning to help us as we care for him by moving forward or backward or moving limbs, etc. He seems to work well with the therapists who ask him to cooperate.

- He takes small portions of food (e.g. pudding, Brenda's applesauce, baby food fruit, etc.) by a spoon.

- He visited an eye doctor who told us there is nothing wrong with his eyes at all. In fact, his prescription for glasses is about the same as it was before the accident, and there's no evidence of any problems. How many times did we ask for prayer for his troubled eyes?!?

- He blinks 'yes' with regularity now. He often nods his affirmation and shakes his head 'no'.

- He doesn't seem to be complaining about his throat being sore anymore. I'm not sure if that means it's gone or if it means he's not telling us.

Please continue to pray that he would talk to us....



Anonymous said...

Good news indeed, we will keep praying. Azad

Anonymous said...

I am and will. gigi

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and necessary to review what God has done in our lives and how many prayers He has answered. His goodness is so amazing. What encouragement it is also to continue praying and continue thanking Him for His daily gifts to us in so many forms - we just need to be more alert in looking for those blessings.
Praying continually,

Anonymous said...

Oh, Steve! Such an encouraging post!
Proverbs 25:25 says:
"Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."
...and since you're in Indiana and I'm in Pittsburgh right now, you are indeed reaching "far countries"!
This post and David's post on 8/27 are just incredible. You all are teaching us so much about waiting on the Lord and staying in His will. God doesn't owe us another heartbeat, yet look at how gracious He is to us...such love! My little pee-wee mind can't comprehend it all.
Ian looked good yesterday in church; I hope he had a good day.

Still praying for all of you and for complete healing for Ian!

Mary Ann K.

Tim said...

Steve - Thanks for sharing these encouragements to keep us praying!
-tim, WellSpring Church, San Leandro, CA