Aug 15, 2007


"In your times of severe distress, which are you more aware of- your suffering or your salvation?"

What a convicting but great thing for me to have read recently. For the past few days, I have been so busy looking at myself and this situation that, though I don't want to admit it, I have quite forgotten all that was accomplished for me at the cross. And it is a path of thoughts that leads to nothing, is not satisfying at all, and only leads to more discouragement. I want to fix my eyes on the cross and all that was accomplished for me there. That is where my hope and joy are found, in the eternal, not the temporary.

Ian needs to fix his eyes on the cross as well and he needs grace to do that. He recently told me that he is weary- whether he meant physically or spiritually I don't know. He has had some very challengings days, fighting a sore throat and lots of stomach aches and headaches. If his gaze is not fixed on the cross, there is much to be discouraged about.

Only the Lord can encourage Ian to keep fighting through this. Please pray that Ian would be strengthened to keep wanting to work to come back to us. Pray that God would take away all of his discomforts. Pray that we would talk to him soon.


Jack and Gina Plain said...

We do pray and will keep praying. Gina for the Plain family

Anonymous said...

Good Larissa. I pray for Ian, but to know how specifically is good. I am discouraged too, but to hear Ian is heartbreaking. Life is heartbreaking isn't it. I am praying (?????????) for hope, for God himself said "hope deferred makes the heart sick". We are heartsick........God has allowed this. We need the comfort of the cross and even more. Shouldn't the cross be enough? It is and isn't ....... how will he bring himself glory through all of this.....well, only he knows. So we are waiting, waiting, waiting in the land of the living. GLA

m&a said...

oh my goodness-there's a picture that i haven't seen in a while! long story, but remind me to tell you about it, laris...

we'll be praying for ian (and you, and the murphys) to receive much encouragement from the lord, and whatever else he needs for that matter.

and, as always, praying for a huge breakthrough.

love you much!

-amber (and matthieu)