Aug 10, 2007

Heaven motivates me

In so many of my conversations with people lately, I invariably end up bending their ears about heaven, a topic I can't seem to get away from since Ian's accident. A friend recently asked me a question like, "How does anticipating heaven motivate you in daily tasks like getting up in the morning and going to work?" I gave an answer, but I've also thought about it a lot more since he asked me. It's a great question, since every morning I wake up with a set of tasks ahead of me.
An experience like this with Ian puts the rest of life into perspective. Things and relationships and a career and so many other things have so much less significance next to someone's life. Compared to heaven, though, life itself pales. Heaven motivates me to hold all those other things loosely, because they pale in comparison to heaven's joy. Heaven motivates me to more frequently consider my daily tasks as something the Lord has given me to do while on this earth even if that task is as mundane as taking out the garbage. Heaven motivates me to recognize that, though grief and sadness stalk me now, they will be replaced by a joy I can't even understand.
Ian continues to make slow progress. He was reaching for objects at the request of one therapist. When asked to focus on one of two objects, he complied. When we help him, he's able to get to a point where he's sitting up on his own. He's awake and alert during the day more than he's ever been. Everyone who works with him reports small steps of progress. It's hard to tell, but it seems that Ian's throat is feeling better, too.
Thank you for praying.


Anonymous said...

The Lord is so good! He has given you insight into your life, because of what has happened in Ian's life. Actually he has given a lot of us, who read your website, insight as well. Maybe more than we would have had prior. We continue to pray for Ian and all of you as well.
Rene from Latrobe

Tim said...

Steve, I needed to read this one. Thanks for writing it; you continue to bless and teach me - TimK, Dublin, CA

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Rene, He has given many of us insight - more than before the accident. Countless times during the days and weeks, I choose to have a good attitude, in spite of circumstances; I choose to bless my husband and children, in spite of wanting to be selfish; I choose to not let my heart linger on the "stuff" that I wish I could have, that I don't; I choose to rejoice and value life and relationships, rather than sulk and be angry with others - and the list does go on - all because of Ian's circumstances that God has used to touch my heart and change me. I pray desperately for the time when we see the post that says, "Ian spoke!" "Ian woke up!" "Ian is back!" . . . and yet, it is happening . . . right before our eyes. Thank you, Lord.

Anonymous said...

I think of Heaven a lot too. Have you ever read "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn? He gathers the verses in the Bible that say something about Heaven and puts them together to form a single picture of Heaven.
It is a good read and really helps me look forward to what is ahead. i recommend it to you.
I'm still praying for Ian! Many blessings to him and to you.
-Joey, Newport News, VA