Jul 15, 2007

Getting stronger

We've been sitting Ian up on a "treatment table" (sounds scary but it's just a low table with padding and vinyl top). The purpose is to get him to develop what the therapists call trunk control. We transfer him to the table from his bed or chair onto it, so he can learn to sit up without the aid of something behind him or on either side. Imagine trying to learn something so basic all over again, but Ian works really hard - we can tell. He seems to do better each time we try it. Tonight, he was sitting for about half an hour with only a little erratic movement.

Keep praying...



Beejee Herr, Lancaster said...

I just go a cast off and after 6 weeks the muscles are weak. It reminds me of our spiritual condition as well. If we walk away from God's word and our need for a savior, it doesn't take long for atrophy to set in. May you also be encouraged as you watch babies and toddlers mature...as the muscles etc ready themselves, progress comes quickly. Blessings to you all...I pray for you often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve.
Thanks so much for the update
Wow! A half hour! That is really great progress! Whoo-hoo! GO IAN! You are working SO hard; keep at it! God is blessing you; He's gotta have more great things for you to do!

P.S. to Larissa. It was nice to chat with you a bit yesterday. When we were done talking, I wanted to say "hi" to Ian, but Heather was talking with him, (I'm sure what she had to tell him was better than anything I would say.) and I couldn't keep my family waiting any longer. So please tell Ian that the rude person that was talking to you and didn't acknowledge him wasn't really rude, just on a time contraint!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! May our Heavenly Father continue to give you and the family the strength needed, and Ian more and more progress. You are all such an inspiration to so many.
Rene from Latrobe

Anonymous said...

Steve that is just fantastic!!! You are on the right track here developing balance. Like all things in life that give results it takes hard work. You will be amazed how Ian responds and how hard he is willing to work. Our family's heart goes out to you all from our own parallel experience. Of course times of laughter and relaxation also help…laughter is the best medicine you know. Stay the course!!

God will bless