Jul 6, 2007

Baby Wivvy

Each night for so long our daughter Lydia has prayed for Ian, for another friend of hers (Ainsley), and for "Baby Wivvy." If we missed one of them, she insisted that we pray for them. Sadly, Alivia passed away this afternoon.

Until our experience with Ian, I couldn't have understood the sadness her parents and grandparents and other family members must feel right now. But, the memories of the sadness we felt those first couple days following his accident haven't faded. We thought we had lost him, and we thought it was only a matter of moments before the doctor came in with the news of Ian's departure into heaven. No analogy can capture the intensity of the sadness; no words can express it.

When I got the news this afternooon when I got home from work, I looked straight in Ian's face and told him again that I loved him. I told him how much I wanted him back.

We're all praying for Baby Wivvy's parents and grandparents and family now. I'm praying that they would find rest in the only One who can comfort them.


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