Jun 30, 2007

The other day, Ian's friend David was telling him about the first week in the hospital after the accident. David was recalling how close Ian was to death, how much we were praying for him, and how God saved him from passing away. He was reminding Ian of the good parts of those first few days, like all the love we were shown from our friends, and the difficult times, like how worried we were about him. As David was telling him this, Ian reached up from his bed and put his hand on David's shoulder.

Knowing Ian (and the God who cares for him), I can be certain that Ian is thankful for all that God has done for and through him. Although this situation must be hardest for Ian, I can tell he appreciates the love everyone has been showing him. If Ian were able to speak, I'm sure he would thank you more enthusiatically than anyone else would.

Thank you for praying and serving Ian. Really.


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Anonymous said...

Ben through your words we can "see" Ian placing his hand on David's shoulder. God is doing that as well to Ian....still praying for the day Ian comes back in full to us.