Jun 11, 2007


The Lord shut him in.
Genesis 7:16

"Noah was so shut in that no evil could reach him. Floods did but lift him heavenward, and winds did but waft him on his way. Outside of the ark all was ruin, but inside all was rest and peace. Without Christ we perish, but in Christ Jesus there is perfect safety. Noah was so shut in that he could not even desire to come out, and those who are in Christ Jesus are in him forever."

My good friend shared this devotion from Spurgeon with me and how it made her think of Ian. What she shared was such good truth to line up against my fears in this situation.

I have no idea what kind of place Ian is in right now, but the Lord has shut him in there in divine love and has shut Himself in there with Ian. Ian has expressed to us several times that he can feel God's presence, showing us that his accident, in comparison to Noah's flood, "did but lift him heavenward." In Christ, there is rest and peace and there is perfect safety. To be experiencing this communion with the Lord is far better for Ian than to be back here with us. While we will continue to pray that he would return to us and continue to believe that it would be a good thing for him to be completely healed, there is sweet comfort knowing who he's with in the meantime.

Ian has been nodding his head a lot for us today to communicate "yes." We continue to see great steps like this leading us back to our Ian.

Thank you for praying.



Carol said...

Still praying regularly for Ian and for you Larissa and your families.

Carol Miranda (CCL)

Anonymous said...

...I'm no medical person, but I remember reading that it is "harder" to nod (to say "yes") than to shake one's head (to say "no") which is why some toddlers shake their heads even when they mean "yes"!
Seems like every post has good progress for Ian, encouraging YOU, Larissa, and US!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray as does our house fellowship in Glasgow Scotland. It is humbling to see such continued trust in the Lord in these circumstances. May God continue to uphold you all. Ivor and Carol.

Anonymous said...

Even Noah was anxious to get "off the boat". He sent the dove out twice before it didn't return having found a place to rest. We are blessed by the encouragment your good friend has given you, and you have given us. So each day, several times a day, we send out our prayers knowing that the same God who rescued Noah from destruction, is capable and willing to rescue Ian from his "ark". Love you girl!