Jun 17, 2007


The last few days Ian has been identifying different parts of his body at the request of various therapists. "Ian, point to your hair. Point to your mouth. Point to your hair." He's done it successfully on several occasions, but the therapists have also reminded us that consistency is the key to serious progress. But, it's progress.

Thank you for all your encouragement on the blog. It's pretty overwhelming to see how many are praying for Ian. I read a bunch of your comments to Ian. There are so many I have to do it in groups.



Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, Steve. I am sure while you are enjoying Ian,Ben, Caleb, Devon and Lydia, and Ian, that nonetheless your father's heart longs for a healed Ian. Though our hearts long for that as well, we cannot possibly know what your father's heart really feels.
With large hopes of continued progress and continued faith,and perserverance in prayer.

terry said...

We, too, want to wish you a great Father's Day! We love you and are so blessed to know you as Ian's Daddy . . . how perfectly suited God made you for that task.

Mary,please give Ian a huge hug and kiss from all the Halls. We miss you all and are eager to see you again.
Eric, Terry, Sarah, Jessanna, Joshua,Moriah, Anastasia (Kippy and Marley, too)

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day!
My prayers continue, so that next year Ian will be saying "Happy Father's Day". In God's good time. Rene from Latrobe

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Steve. I'm praying for you (and all the family) and I am praying for Ian.

Vicki G.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Steve, you are truly one of my favorite dads in the world. We all long so much for Ian to be healed, but as this journey continues we are all growing closer To Our Heavenly Father because of you guys sharing life with Ian right now. There is never a day since the accident I'm not crying out for all of you! I miss you all please tell the guys, and Larissa hi and please give Mary and Lydia of BIG BIG hug from me. LOL, Eileen

Angela Thomas said...

Hi Ian,
My mom, Tavia Fielder is a good friend of your grandparents, Donna and Rich Berger and I know your mom Terry from our high school days. My mom asked me to write and let you know that we are praying for you. You seem to be making steady progress and that is a good sign. May the Lord give you and your family His grace and strength for each day.

With love, Angela Thomas in Dallas TX