May 21, 2007

Today, Ian was looking at a picture on the bulletin board across from his bed.

"I bet you miss your cousins," my mom asked him, "do you want to see Sarah and Jesi again?"

He responded in the best way he knows how: a long, deliberate blink.

Please pray that Ian will be able to laugh with his cousins soon. Please pray that he'll be able to communicate with us more effectively.

We know you're praying hard for Ian and the rest of us, and we didn't do anything to deserve your prayers. Thanks again!


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Anonymous said...

I am praying for Ian and I think of and pray for your family throughout the day, at night,.. and when I am in a quiet moment, your family comes to mind--
It is really grand that God shows us how and what to pray for... even when we don't know one another..