May 31, 2007

If You should speak
Or should remain in silence
Should give me light
or lead me through the dark
Whatever the cost
Whatever joy or sorrow
I'll worship still
Because of who You are

Ian slept in pretty late this morning but then had a good session of therapy with Amanda and Heather. He communicated very clearly to them that his left heel was hurting him which is great that he can tell us specifically where he is hurting. However, we're noticing that as he becomes more aware, he may be feeling more pain and discomfort. Ian communicated to Bill that certain areas of his body were hurting, like his back and hip, most likely side effects from the impact of the accident.

For some reason, it's often harder for me to think about his hip or back hurting than it is to think about the injuries to his brain. It was like that since the night of the accident- it was always the somewhat little injuries (little in comparison) that hit me the most.

Naturally, as he gains consciousness he will begin to feel more and more pain. Please pray that God would continue to grant abundant mercy on him. It's hard to know that Ian is in pain, but it's wonderful to know that our Lord is tenderly caring for all of those pains.



Anonymous said...

Ah, you are so right! How bittersweet, he is coming back, but now has to suffer the physical pains. I will pray more specifically.
I read in Spurgeon this AM and was struck how much this line defines you and the Murphys: "Continue they service under all changes".
Thank you for blessing us with your example! Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones,
We continue to pray for you all - for healing, strength, the Lord's wisdom, peace, and faith. Thank you for the wonderful updates and for the amazing witness the Lord has given to you. Praise His Name!
Love in our wonderful Saviour,
Jean R.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be praying. As one commenter pointed out already, it is a bittersweet situation that he can communicate but that he is now communicating bodily pains that were not previously considered. May the Lord continue to pour His grace on you all!
~ Nicole M.

Anonymous said...

Always remember God is in control. He is a great God. It's good to see Ian improve so much since the accident.

Adam Strawcutter