May 7, 2007


"This is a strange world we live in: there are not many things that make us happy. Yet somehow we forget the very thing that could give us happiness, and we keep our eyes on the frivolous cares and teasing troubles, which distract us...let us [instead] be as happy as we can*. Trials and troubles will come; do not expect to be free from them." -Charles Spurgeon

I have to remind myself daily: my joy doesn't come from a good (easy) life, but my happiness comes from a good God. A god who took the blame for the bad stuff I did, and then gave me credit for the good way he lived. This truth is where my happiness comes from!

When you pray, thank God that we can be happy no matter how hard our lives are. He has given us the happiest news possible!


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John Q said...

Yes!. Amen, Ben!