Apr 21, 2007

Sidewalk to begin

We got word today that the sidewalk is to begin on Monday. The weather seems to be cooperating. The sidewalk is to go completely around the addition. Since their forming and pouring a sidewalk anyway, we asked them to add in a small patio area, so we can sit outside with Ian.

Once the sidewalk goes in, the paving company will come in to do the driveway; they'll pave right up to the sidewalk. The guy that will be doing the sidewalk made an interesting comment after discussing all these plans with us. He said, "You think your yard is torn up now! Wait till this is done."

For all this effort, I want very much to see on the other side of the fence that is the future, because I think somehow that will comfort me. I can't see, though, and I know that no matter what the outcome of all this is only God can comfort me. I have to keep myself focused on the next step the Lord gives me and keep walking looking to the Lord and His Word for help.

Thank you to so many I don't even know who are praying for Ian. I know you're there, because I occasionally meet someone for the first time who tells me they're praying for Ian. That affects us deeply. Thank you!!!



Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for Ian daily and to be challenged and encouraged by your postings. My oldest sister is disabled and is slowly and progressively deteriorating. While her situation is differnt from Ian's, I find many of your comments applicable to her situation. Thanks.

Phyllis Paladin

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for trusting God in this situation - you are affecting so many people, and revealing God's glory.
The Lotinskys

Anonymous said...

My new and constant prayer for you is that you will feel God's comfort regularly and that His comforts, spoken directly to your heart, will delight you. I'll pray that He will speak and that He will put His power inside of you to hear Him in a way that you haven't before.

We long for you to feel His comforts.


mike hartnett said...

praise God this is so exciting!