Apr 27, 2007

He's coming home

The addition is done. The sidewalk is in. The driveway was dug out today, and it will have rocks on it to get the van back to the sidewalk. He has a bed and all of his equipment in his new room. He has the beginnings of some nursing care. The time has been set for his departure from The Children's Institute.

He's coming home.

It took an army:
102 people from our church helped in some way....
...and friends of friends who volunteered...
...and contractors who volunteered time...
...and businesses who donated materials and other anonymous donors...
...and contractors and businesses who moved us up on their schedules...
...and businesses who gave us discounts...
...and nurses and doctors and therapists and social workers and case managers and hospitals...
...and so many who have been praying faithfully.
He's alive, but he's still in a coma and hasn't made much progress over the last weeks. That's confusing, I'm sure - especially if you see him. He looks like Ian, and his eyes could be open. He could be moving around and showing some signs of the old Ian. But his brain has sustained a significant injury, and we don't know what tomorrow will hold. He could wake up tomorrow. He could gradually wake up. The reason we're bringing him home is to expose him to surroundings that would be familiar to him and to people who love him and who want him to come back from wherever he is.
If you see or visit him, here are some tips:
  • Don't talk down to him like he's a little child. Talk to him like the Ian you remember.
  • Don't talk to us in front of him as if he can't hear you. It's likely that he can hear and understand you, so assume that he can.
  • As awkward as it could be for you, do your best to overcome that awkwardness and act naturally. We're hoping you will, because that's what will help him most.
  • One evidence of his injury is his inability to talk, so don't expect him to respond to you.
  • Pray for him. I know that he would appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

This is hard to conceive. Ian is coming home. I'm so happy. Just to have him here, with us again, is beyond belief. Just to be able to see him, without having to drive to Pittsburgh is so exciting. I can't wait to see him. God is moving.

We all love him so much. We miss him so much. Having him near will increase our prayer. You can't see him without intense prayer for him.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Ian home. You are great.


Anonymous said...

thats great! praise God that Ian's finally getting to come home : ) be praying for everything. : )

made to worship,
(Providence Church)

Anonymous said...

thank you for instructing us...we need it! No one who has not gone through this or of this ilk, has a clue. You crave "normal", but what is that...you never conceived of this, but we still groan from the circumstances. His homecoming is bittersweet. Yet we thank God for this, "He will deeply delight you. You will find the process harder than you ever imagine-and better" D. Powlinson. Don't understand, God is unknowable and yet loving, merciful and lavish.
Walking the uneven steps with you, GLA

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa, I'm the person who stopped you today in Murrysville :o) It was so neat to see your bumper sticker! If you talk to Steve & Mary, they know my family from Indiana (and have met me). ~I remember Ian when he was a little boy in a stoller! I'm still praying for Ian and all of you involved so closely in his life! God bless you and I'll "especially" be keeping Ian and everyone in prayer on Monday, when Ian comes home! I hope you and the Murphy's are able to continue to keep this blog going to keep everyone posted who cares about Ian. Take care and I'm still praying for Ian! Sincerely, Margie Fisher P.S. I have a blog but I don't update a lot on it :o) www.xanga.com/cedarvillemum

Anonymous said...

I'm still praying and believing with you.

Phyllis Paladin

Joanne Perry said...

We will be thinking and praying for all of you as this greatly anticipated event finally comes.

Matthew has prayed for "Ian and his family" every night for months.
We are confident that Our Father of Love, Jesus our best friend, and the Holy Spirit our comforter will be with you always.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!

Ian is coming home!
Wish I could be there...
Y'all are so often in my thoughts and prayers.

Praying for Ian,