Mar 10, 2007

The Wonderful Cross

When we stopped in to see Ian today, he has just gotten back into bed. I took his hand braces off so that he would hopefully use his arm a little bit. He definitely did, by itching his nose and his eyes. And he very deliberately wiped "sleepies" out of the corner of his eyes. He used one finger to do it in a way that it seemed so purposeful. It was really exciting and encouraging to see. Now if he would just start talking!

The addition looks great- the walls are plastered. It's looking more and more like a room. Lydia and I were taking a walk through it tonight, and just started talking about Ian and how we miss him. Lydia said "Ian is going to dance with you, when he feels better." She also said that she's going to sleep in his room with him- I can't wait for him to hear her voice every day again.

I've been reading through the gospels and am amazed again and again that not only did God send Jesus to die for me, but He has given me a wonderful life here on earth. Even though we are sinners, deserving of hell, in His infinite love he gives us even more than just salvation. He comforts us in affliction and promises to deliver us. He provides for our every need- we are never in want. He allows us to glorify Himself and become more like Christ. He allows us to grow and be fruitful and reveals himself to us more and more each day. And it is all because of the cross. How I long to grow in my understanding and love for the cross. When we focus on the cross, every fear, every trial, every doubt quickly fades. It is at the foot of the cross that the greatest love for us is shown and it as at the foot of the cross that our hope is found.



TimKurtz said...

Larissa: I continue to pray with you for Ian. -tim

Phyllis said...

Dearest Larissa and Murphy Family--
I pray that you will soon hear Ian speak your names


Anonymous said...

Dear Larissa and Murphy family, I agree with Tim. We continue to pray with you for Ian. Praying that you continue to find your strength and hope in Him. Love, Janet

Anonymous said...


What an amazing testimony of God's grace that you and the Murphy's are able to praise God through this valley.

You wrote, " as at the foot of the cross that our hope is found."

We are praying that you and the Murphy's would continue to abide by the cross tonight.

-the Kim's

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When leaving the hospital last night, I was just thanking God that He had allowed Ian not to die but to live! How amazing that God uses you all to seek the one who is sustaining you in this trial. You bless us, and this glorifies God. (I miss you all and Ian too)!