Mar 5, 2007

Today was a good day

Mary went to visit Ian today. Larissa and I were both sick, so we stayed away. We didn't want to get him sick. Mary said he had a really good day. He was very alert and responsive. During speech therapy he reached up to grab the "e-stim" wires from his throat. Mary said they actually had to pull his fingers away from the wires so he wouldn't pull them off. The speech therapist has a little vibrating gadget that stimulates the nerves in his face, and he doesn't like it. He was pushing it away. He also reached up and rubbed his eye. All these small things are very big for us and for Ian, because they convince us he's in there.

This is the hardest thing we've ever experienced...but I still trust God. I've watched him provide for us at the last minute. I've watched him save people I was praying for. I've watched him work out circumstances in ways that amazed me. "No proof is so convincing as experience. No one doubts the power of prayer after receiving an answer of peace. It is the distinguishing mark of the true and living God that He hears and answers the pleas of His people" (Spurgeon). We've experienced his peace, His power, His provision, His mercy, His love. I don't know what will happen with Ian, but I trust God.

Send up your pleas to the true and living God for Ian. He hears and answers.



Carina said...

Dear Steve,
I am a 37 year old mother of 4 who lives in Southern California. About a week ago, I found your website through a link on another site and began reading. Perhaps because I too have a son named Ian (He's 7), I felt compelled to begin praying daily for "your" Ian.
I am often encouraged by your words of strength and faith in God's goodness as well as by Larissa's words of hope and trust.
I just wanted you all to know that although we may never meet this side of eternity, I daily am standing with you in prayer for your beloved boy's healing and more importantly, for God to be glorified through Ian's life regardless of whether Ian is healed now or in Heaven.

Phyllis said...

Dear Murphys
I am praying for your family-today and everyday-- MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT DAY ! You are always on my mind ...
although we don't know one another--
It's GREAT how the HOLY SPIRIT works ~
P Miller