Mar 7, 2007

Real Man or Mannequin

One day this summer, Ian and I were walking down a street in Lancaster, where he was living for the summer. A buggy went by with a man in it. Immediately I had a thought that I should have kept as a thought, but instead I said it out loud. "Is that a mannequin?" That was all the bait that Ian needed to latch on. In typical Ian fashion, for at least the next five minutes, he convinced me that yes, in fact there were mannequins driving buggies around Lancaster. Somehow, somewhere in my brain it made sense that it really could be a mannequin- if there ever was a guy that looked exactly like a mannequin, it was the one that I just saw. Logic told me it wasn't possible, but I trusted that what Ian told me was true. Relationships are based around trust! But that was my first mistake- if you know Ian's sense of humor, you know that he should rarely be trusted in a situation like that.

Ian finally gave in and let me know the truth- probably because the thought of dating someone who believed a mannequin could drive a buggy was too much for him to bear. I probably punched him in the arm for keeping the lie giong for so long, and then I got over it- so it's now become a good joke between us.

If you have any classic Ian moments, add them as a comment to this entry. It's good to remember who we're praying for.


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Anonymous said...

The other night, Sunday or Monday night, I was talking to my kids (12 & 7) about prayer before we prayed for IAn & Alivia. Our 7 year old Jon is just learning to pray (it seems to have taken him longer). Anyway, he prays for Ian like this, God, thank you that you are going to wake Ian up. Then, he stopped and asked me what else Ian needed. That is so unlike Jon that I knew it was the Lord ... I said, oh, honey, he has really bad sores in his mouth that won't heal. And, then Jon prayed ... God, thank you that you are healing the sores in Ian's mouth.

This is one more example of how God is using Ian in our lives to encourage us to pray. For the little ones to the older. What an example to me. We serve a God who is on the throne and who loves us. He amazes me that He hears and answers our prayers. Thank you Lord that you are healing Ian's mouth, and that you will wake him up. Janet shilling

Anonymous said...

I remember one weekend when Mary and Steve were away for the weekend and I was babysitting all four boys. Ian was about 9 or 10, Devon was just a baby. I had slept in (clueless that you need to get up before all the kids do.) In fact, I think they woke me up.

I remember I had all the boys sitting on the couch and it hit me, "How do I get a shower? Who watches the kids?" I asked Ian what his mother did. He wasn't really sure (Because Mary probably would have gotten up before the kids and gotten a shower.) Ian looked at me and said, "Well, she usually takes Devon in the bathroom with her in his seat and sits him on the floor." (Ok, good plan so far... then what...) "And we can sit here and eat our breakfast until you get back. (Ok, this kid is a smart kid... I like him...)

So that is what I did. Ian got me through my first weekend as a substitute mom. He could have really made it rough on me instead he showed mercy.

Thanks Ian. I am praying for you. Vicki G.

joe saylor said...

maybe around my junior or senior year of high school, ian and i started hanging out alot. i can't remember when i met him though. anyways, i would always want to call him to hang out or whatever and either he or someone else gave me a cell phone number for him. i would try to call him and for some reason or another, the cell number wouldn't work. i'm still not certain to this day whether he did or didn't have a cell phone. because i can't remember a time in high school when i got a hold of him on a cell. so when i would come back home after i moved to new york, i would see ian here and there and we'd casually make plans to get together. ian would say, "yeah just gimme a call on my cell". i would then reply with, "ian, don't even pretend like you have a cell phone, we all know you don't". haha well it was a very funny inside joke between us and a few other friends.
definatly looking forward to the day when i can say that to him'll probably be the first thing i say to him...LOL.....God is GOOD!! Ian be healed!

Brando said...

Classic Ian moments, eh? Here's my favorite:

Back in the day, all the Indiana homeschoolers went to a place called Old Bedford Village. You could walk through colonial era homes, do crafts, and so forth. Anyway, there was always about an hour (at least, it seemed like an hour to an 11 or 12 year old) where one of the adults had to get us all set, and so we'd just hang around in this common room while our schedules were getting printed out. Well, Ian was probably around 9 or 10, and he was climbing around his chair. He ended up climbing through the opening between the back and the seat of the chair, and getting himself stuck. I sort of saw it coming, but in typical 12 year old fashion, never said anything, figureing that he'd be able to get out, right? I mean, he got in! Anyway, I felt kinda bad that I hadn't put two and two together before he got stuck. I believe they had to unscrew the chair to get the poor kid out.

There was another time when he was a camper at the summer camp where I was working, and he and David and the rest of their cabin (not sure if this was their idea, but they were loving it) were going around collecting autographs from all the kids in each cabin. They were having a blast while doing this, and the kids loved it as well. Made their night.

And who can forget Youth Camp, in which I was first introduced to the music of Newises from a chorus that included Ian, David, and a lot of other interesting people. I think we stayed up really late singing songs from movies, mostly "Seize the Day". Those were good times.

Anonymous said...

Ian' response to my trying to answer some "hip" topic: "Wrongo!"
Seeing him walk in our back door. the night of movie premiere in "downtown" Indiana; filming an episode of Melville with Dave...and watching Melville. Ian is hilarious...I anticipated each new installment and truly thought it was of professional quality. Probably because of watching them all grow up and loving both Ian and David and their parents. Now, I love you too, Larissa! GLA
P.S. The Lancaster story is vintage Ian. One of many wonderful memories you have with Ian (and I know will have)!!

cousin Jessie said...

Memories of Ian.. where to begin?

Even though I don't really enjoy watching movies, me and him would watch so many together just because of his hilarious running-commentaries on whatever was going on. Old mysteries were our favorites, especially Detective Columbo movies :o). I remember one whole vacation where all we did was watch movies every afternoon and laugh for hours...
I share this memory because it's something that I only ever could do with Ian. His humor and ability to make others laugh is something I can't wait to see again...
Praise God for how far He's brought Ian :o).

Samantha said...

Dearest Ian's family and Larissa,
I started following Ian's blog after reading the Valentine's Day testimony on Carolyn McCulley's Solo Femininity website- how grateful I am that you have chosen so faithfully to share the highs and lows of your faith journey so that people like me (who don't even know you but are bonded to you through a common faith in our Savior) can pray with you and can be encouraged by the comfort that God is daily bringing to your souls through His word and His body of believers. I will continue to make petition on Ian's behalf, and yours as well- May Hebrews 4:15-16 be a sweet word to you "For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need."
With Much Love, Your Sister, Samantha

Anonymous said...

One of my first tastes of Ian's humor was on the way home from some home school field trip. Ian and David started doing Antique Roadshow. They would grab some obscure object in the van and begin narrating why, because of this or that reason, this piece was valued at thousands of dollars. They were so funny.

And then there was the year at Youth Camp when Ian decided he was going to see how long he could go without taking a shower. It ended up being a little too long! Did you know about that Mary? Love all you guys so much! God please heal Ian! Kathie K.

Anonymous said...

I only met Ian 2 times, and I dont think we actually ever met...i think he just pointed at me when either Beth or john H said "this is bekah" but the second time was at New Attitude last year, and i dont know whose room i was in, but me and beth were laying on one of the beds in the back, and David and Ian and some other people were working on some video thing and Boy Meets World was on the TV. ian walked in the room, sat on the other bed and said, "heres a good game" as if we had been asking for suggestions on what to do next. "Make yourself laugh when the audience laughs"

he stared at the tv with a very strait face and when the audience (or sound affects) laughed he opened his mouth really wide, laughing really loud and angry like, and fell back on the bed hitting his knee and rolling around a little. then sat up very seriously and wait for the next one. then did it all over again. he did it like 5 times, and it was funnier every time.

anyways, that was really all ... then he got up and left and said "nice to meet you"

so thats that.
Im praying for you all the time. God is so able and so willing.

~Rebekah Walker~

Anonymous said...

From Phil Kim:

I remember a day after I got brand new sneakers, and I was walking into church.
Ian was there, surrounded by friends, when suddenly he felt the need to point out that my shoes were really bright. And everyone else agreed.
I said "Ian, what's wrong with my shoes?" and he said "They offend me."
I didn't laugh. But I thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

Memories, ay? Where to begin...
Well, one funny one would definitely be playing Balderdash with all the cousins on family vacation last year! There is NO WAY, I repeat, no way that you could be bored playing that with Ian! Man, I'll never forget his defintion for some word being, "One who enforces others to dance and/or frolic at Irish folk celebrations." Of course, his exact words were much funnier (and wordier) and made me laugh SO hard I had to take my inhaler. Yes, dorky. But Ian's humor can do that to ya' I guess :)
good times.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Larissa started calling home excited and talking about Ian. My response was who’s Ian? We received many phone calls asking us to pray for direction for their relationship. Last January we planned a trip to Indiana to meet Ian, I could hardly wait. My first thought was, the kid needs a haircut but then – he smiled. Larissa came home about a month later and we all heard more about Ian. I asked her if he had told her yet that he loved her. Her answer was no, I asked what’s the matter with him? (Who wouldn’t love my daughter?) Her reply was that Ian wouldn’t tell her that unless he really meant it. I knew I could trust that smile! A few weeks later I answered my phone to – mom, Ian loves me! We tried to see Larissa and Ian as much as our schedules would allow. They would look at each other and burst out laughing. I saw Ian being very kind and considerate of Larissa. When we visited LOL with them, it was a joy to see them worship together. Thank you to everyone that is lifting Larissa up in prayer. We anxiously await the day when our Ian will be whole and laughing with Larissa.

Larissa’s mom

Anonymous said...

From Raye Fry

This is from this past summer, I was called in for jury duty, and in walked this guy who I thought that I should know, but couldn't get it through my head who it was. I knew it was someone from the church. Anyhow, we got to the courtroom, and he was sitting right beside me, and they called my number, and name, and after all that, they called Ian's name. I thought to myself, how could I forget him. I watched every episode of Mellville. Of course, he knew who I was. Ian we all are praying for you. We are praying for a complete healing. You have helped us put our focus back on the one who deserves our focus, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Ian and I went to Creation in the summer of 04 with Jimmy, Ronnie, Mike, Moo, and Stacey. Ian is my go-to guy... whenever I'm going through something rough he helps me with his awesome and somewhat blunt advice. The one night he and I had a really great conversation. He truly showed his sensitive/caring side. I remember admiring him for being honest with me. Later that night we were sitting around the campfire with everyone else. Moo had mentioned she was cold. My sensitive caring friend responded in true Ian form with, "here Moo, here's a hammer.":)
There are so many more stories where that comes from. He's an amazing man and I can't wait to have so many more awesome times with him!
All my love and prayers are with Ian. And with you, Laris and the Murphys.
~Jana Emeigh

Matthieu and Amber Croce said...

Oh boy there are lots of funny Ian moments in my life. One that sticks out right now is when we went to Niagara Falls and on the way back we were stopped at the border. It turns out that Ian had forgotten that he had his aunt's prescription medicine in his suitcase. So the border police basically tore the car apart and made us sit inside the police station for a couple hours while they looked through all of our stuff. Understandably, I was a bit nervous but Ian kept making fun of me for it. He never let me forget that I was nervous and he kept making fun of me. What a guy.
Also, when I was dating Amber (now my wife!) Ian would often be around and would try to make things as awkward for us as possible at all times. That's Ian.
But mostly I remember him being a great guy. He even helped move Amber into her apartment when I couldn't be there.
We're praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Ian moments took place while Ian was in Lancaster this summer. Me, Cliff, John H., and Ian were driving through Lancaster country and we had just passed a field full of 20 or so cows. I didn't say anything then, but the next field we passed had about 5 cows and I was about to say "ooh, look! cows!" It would have been kind of dumb for me to say that because we just passed a field full of cows, so I said "hey guys, for some reason I almost just said 'hey look, cows'" and Ian thought it was hilarious. He said "from now on, when you have thoughts like that, just say them." Probably so that he could laugh at me.

I'm praying for Ian and all of you all the time. God is always good and faithful!
--Jennifer Williams

Sarah said...

There must be something about Lancaster, mannequins, and Ian. I just remember hanging out at Jenn's house last summer (the Jenn who wrote up there^), and people were having fun with this mannequin head, The mannequin's hair was about Ian's hair length, so he styled his the same and posed as a mannequin for a picture. It was almost scary how similar they looked!
Also, the first time I met Ian was last spring when he visited our young adult caregroup with David. Even though I just met him, he was giving me all this advice on what direction I should take with my major. His personality was so friendly, funny, and caring at the same time. I came to appreciate this even more when he led our family group at Na. Ian is an amazing man of God, with a great sense of humor and godly depth to his character.
I've been praying since that weekend of his accident. It has been amazing to watch how much God is doing through Ian and you all in this time. His name is being glorfied!
Sarah Sensenig (CrossWay Church of Lancaster)

Steph Freeman said...

This is a collaborative effort between Erin Wallwork and I, partly because I don't remember the situation that well, and also because Erin apparently thought it was much more memorable than me. So here it goes:

Erin, Ian, and I were trying to clean up one evening after a REC Last Tuesday event. (REC is Resolved to Encounter Christ, our church's college ministry.) The theme for the evening had been "under the sea," and if you know anything about Erin, she always goes over the top to make events special, memorable, personal, etc. On this occasion, she had actually purchased around eight live fish from a pet store and bought fancy glass containers to put them in for each of the tables, in addition to other wild seaweed decorations, blue and green tulle, and goldfish snacks. Back to the story- I was consolidating the fish into one container and Ian said to me, "I dare you to lick your hand," as I had fish water all over my hands. Without even thinking about it, I did it, and Ian doubled over in this part cream, part laugh that has haunted me to this day...well, not really, but it was super funny because Ian hates germs. So, that was the day I will always sort of remember as Ian freaking out. The end.

-Steph Freeman (with Erin Wallwork)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite memories of Ian took place about 6 or 7 years ago when I had the opportunity to work with him, and several others, setting up candle displays at area grocery stores. This was a pretty random job, but boy was the pay nice! Well, we'd work for several hours, take a lunch break and then finish up. While most of us would pack a lunch or perhaps share the cost of a lunch with a few others, Ian thought it best to purchase an entire pizza or hoagie or bag of chips or all of the above, and consume it all himself. I seriously was amazed the day he ate an entire large pizza and drank a whole 2-liter of pop by himself!! And he couldn't figure out where all his money went to that he had worked so hard for . . . dah Ian. I trust you're better with your money now and I can't wait until the day you're able to devour an entire pizza all by yourself; heck, I'll even buy it for you!
Love you, Maureen