Feb 6, 2007

The Sweetest Sacrifice

Ian had a great speech therapy session today. He was making big movements with his head and face, pulling away from the "annoying" stimuli. His mouth, while not completely healed, is looking much much better. Every time I asked him to rest his head back in his chair, he did it. And he responded to the speech therapist when she asked him to close his eyes.

"Be encouraged to cheerfully offer intercessory prayer, by remembering that such prayer is the sweetest God ever hears...Thus while petitions for ourselves will be accepted, our pleading for others, having in them more of the fruits of the Spirit- more love, more faith, more brotherly kindness- will be, through the precious merits of Jesus, the sweetest sacrifice that we can offer to God. Remember, again, that intercessory prayer is exceedingly prevalent. What wonders it has accomplished."
-Charles Spurgeon

Thank you, each of you, who has been diligently praying for Ian. Especially now while progress seems to be slower than it was a few months ago, thank you that you continue to plead on his behalf. As quoted above, it is the sweetest sacrifice that we can offer God.



linda anne said...

Larissa, though i dont know you .. i can kinda feel like do sometimes because of reading your thoughts and such (which makes sense) but i just wanted to thank you for continuing to write faithfully.. because i am always eager to hear of developments or even of days where nothing seems to be going on.. thanks for sharing with us your emotional journey.. it is so appreciated.
blessings, linda
Crossway church of lancaster

audra Barrick said...


I did not have the pleasure of meeting you while we lived in Indiana several years ago and were LOLC members, but I hope to meet you someday in the future! I wanted to encourage you. You mentioned in this post that the progress seems so much slower now. Being right there every day, I am sure it seems so incredibly slow. Looking at the bigger picture of each new movement or response and more importantly looking at how God has been moving in this situation, from an outside perspective it seems like God is healing Ian and those affected by him at an incredible rate. It is so exciting to read each new development every day. It is amazing to think of how intricately our bodies are knit together and how God can heal anything!

We are praying for the Lord to sustain your strength and for God to heal Ian and use his trauma for His glory.

God Bless!

Sacha said...

Like the former two comments, I too don't know you (or Ian), but I have been praying! I was telling this story to my parents a few months ago and they have been praying every night for you! My mom is a prayer warrior! She is bed-ridden and has a heart of compassion that completely baffles me! I know a little of the frustrations that you may be facing, but remember that God has his perfect timing and He is faithful and just!
Praying for you in MD. (Chesapeake Community Church)

Anonymous said...

You remain in my prayers -- I am from Indiana and I know many of your friends---thank you for sharing-- GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !

P Miller