Feb 13, 2007

Is Ian Stubborn?

We spent a few hours with Ian last night and eventually he woke up for us. I hadn't seen him for two days and noticed that his mouth is looking a little bit better- but it is far from being completely healed. He is still moving his left leg and left arm a lot and last night it looked for the first time like he was moving his torso a little bit.

The nurse last night reported this to me: Yesterday morning, Ian's doctor asked him to scratch his chin and he did. Then she asked him to touch his belly and he said "uh uh," (meaning "no"- i'm not actually sure how to spell that sound:)

Ian also squeezes his eyes shut when they come toward him with the eye drops and another nurse told me that when he was getting a shower they asked him to raise his arms but he blatantly held them tight next to his body. We'll take stubornness if that means he is hearing us.
"Are you in the lowest depths of sorrow? Does corruption rise within your spirit, and grace seem like a poor spark trampled underfoot? Does your faith almost fail you? Fear not, for it is neither your graces nor feelings on which you are to live: you must live simply by faith in Christ."
-Charles Spurgeon

Still praying that God completely restores Ian's mind and personality. We'd like him back soon.



Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the Murphy's and to all of Ian's close family and friends. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartache everyone must be feeling. But my heart goes out especially to you Larissa. Your dedication to Ian is something to be admired. If we all stood by our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives the way you are standing by Ian in this time of need...I imagine that relationships would be stronger and more meaningful. As someone who is about to be married, I pray that if I'm ever faced with something such as this, God would grant me strength such as yours. I pray every day for you. You are an amazing woman and Ian is so blessed to have you in his life.

Anonymous said...

I imagine you are snowbound once again...I am praying for company for Ian and peach for you all. G.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Ian always!! Larissa, you are an awesome girl and you don't know how much you encourage me and others to lean on the Lord for EVERYTHING and at ALL times!! I always love when you quote something from Charles Spurgeon. God is at work in this situation, even though it is so difficult to understand. Someday, it will all be understood.......God bless you all!! ~A faithful prayer partner.

~filled with hope~ said...

God is faithful
If HE in HIS awesome and wonderful plan has ordained Ian's life HE will in HIS perfect plan decide how it will be continued. Yet we also have hope in this - HE loves Ian more than all of us put together times eternity. I do believe God will heal Ian... I pray for it... I hope for it! May all the glory go to God!

Anonymous said...

Stubborn is good. Sounds like the brain is working on strength. When Ian is saying no, he is taking control of/for his life. Just as he probably did when he was very young. He matured through it once, I believe he will again.