Feb 4, 2007

Hasn't He Been Good

I spent just a few hours with Ian tonight and he was wide awake the whole time. We watched the Super Bowl for a little bit and then watched the fish swim around in the fish tank. Ian was moving his left leg and left arm a lot again tonight. A couple of times while I was touching his chest he found my hand with his own.

His nurse tonight said that Ian usually gets around six hours of solid sleep each night, which is really good. Sleeping at night definitely helps him in therapy the next day.

I was reminded today of the goodness we have seen from God over the past four months. What really struck me is the example of mercy to us that God spared Ian's life on September 30. I can't imagine how much sadder this time would be if we hadn't received this mercy. While it is hard seeing Ian have to go through this, I am so thankful for every day that I get to be with him. I want to continue to remember God's goodness in the past and know that that same goodness will follow us into our futures.

Still praying for more and more miracles. As our pastor said this morning, we must first believe and then we will see miracles.


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