Feb 20, 2007

The ground has been broken

The area for the addition to our house (for Ian) has been cleared, and the footer and the ditch for the sewer line were dug today. So many from the church have been volunteering their time and giving so much. Thanks, Frank, for organizing this and Donna, for the food. Dave and Max, thanks again. Rod was here working, too. A guy I'd never met before, Chris, volunteered his time, too. Thanks, Chris! If I keep thanking everyone here who helps with this, I will definitely bore you to tears.

We learned today that the thrush in Ian's mouth isn't necessarily there anymore. But, they found the same powerful bacteria (it resists many antibiotics) in his mouth that was in his eye and on some of his wounds. The staff treated those other areas, but the same thing emerged in his mouth.

More to come...please pray.


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Anonymous said...

Praise God for brothers and sisters in Christ!! How awesome to see the body of Christ coming together in your time of need! God bless those who are helping you at this time. And, God bless Ian and his family. Still praying for Ian! A dedicated prayer partner.