Feb 26, 2007


I brought a home video to the hospital tonight for Ian to watch. The first thing on screen when I turned it on in his room was a banner that said "Happy 6th Birthday Ian." It was bittersweet to watch- it was so cool to see him and all of his little friends who have now become such godly men and are still in his life- and let's be honest, the early 90s hairstyles and clothes were fantastic. But it also reminded me that he could do more at six years old than he can do now. But fortunately we are blessed to serve a God who, if He wills it, can bring Ian back to us exactly how he was five months ago- as that man after God's own heart. I'm praying that he's back to himself by the time he turns 22.

So I'm watching videos and sitting beside Ian's bed while he sleeps, but tonight my heart is here, with this little girl:


Please pray for baby Livi along with Ian...



beth altrogge said...

i am praying for ian and you tonight, larissa...
(not that i don't every day...but especially tonight)

not sure why i'm commenting instead of just emailing you...but just was reading this post and wanted to say i'm thinking about you two tonight. this verse was really encouraging last night...
ps. 68:19
"Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears us up;
God is our salvation."


Anonymous said...

I am praying for Ian and the rest of your family.

Moriah Freeman (from Crossway Church of Lancaster)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa and Murphy family ~

Larissa---I think you met my sister at the Children's Institute-- Anna...
(My neice was there for some therapy)--
I want you to know that Ian is in my daily prayers. I also pray that you continue to have comfort, support, and prayers from your extended community family..{Here in Indiana and from ALL OVER THE WORLD}
Phyllis Miller