Jan 13, 2007

Not one of them is broken

As of today, Ian has no infection in his sore on his back and the staff were very excited about that. He has gained 2.2 pounds since being at Children's- also a great praise. Because his diet is more balanced they have been able to reduce his fluids which is just more evidence to us that God is still hearing and answering our prayers.

The staff looked back at Ian's records and found that a bone in his jaw has been broken since the accident- it was probably just never addressed because of the severity of his other injuries. This break explains why he is unable to do certain things that the speech therapist asks of him and also may explain why he hasn't progressed more in his ability to swallow. They are going to order some x-rays to see what their next step should be in addressing it. Please pray that God would either miraculously heal Ian's jaw or would give the staff wisdom to know how to care for that specific need of Ian's.

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken."
-Psalm 34:19-20



TimKurtz said...

Dear Murphy Family and Larissa:

Be encouraged that a number of folks at Wellspring Covenant Community Church in San Leandro, California, are praying for Ian and you. I posted about Ian on the church website and as a result folks have visited prayforian. A Christian doctor who has become a friend took me aside and asked me about Ian; I felt like I was a nurse giving report!

May we rest today in the One that we may call "Abba, Father"!

Anonymous said...

Dear Murphy Family and Larissa,

Thank you for keeping us up on everything. It's wonderful to see what the Lord is doing with Ian and with all of us. I know that He is using this to draw us closer to Him. May He continue to strengthen you and to give you His wisdom and His peace. Sovereign Grace friends in Philadelphia are praying for Ian, also. We continue to pray, always!
Jean Rickard

Anonymous said...

Oh man Larissa, as soon as Ian is up for it the 3 of us are totalling going roller skating again! I love you both so much and pray for you daily:)