Jan 4, 2007

The Lord Cares for Ian

A coma is a term medical people use to classify someone's neurological state of consciousness, and there are various stages to a coma. On the most common scale used to describe coma patients, there are eight stages. You and I are also ranked on that scale at a stage eight. In other words, we're not in a coma, so we're classified as being at a stage eight on that scale. On that same scale, Ian is at a stage three, so he exhibits some signs of consciousness. But, he's still in a coma. We see occasional signs that he's "in there," but they really are very, very small steps toward stage eight or consciousness. In the brain injury world, the first six months following the injury are considered the early stages of recovery, and Ian is half-way through that period. All the things we've reported of Ian's progress have to be viewed light of his condition.

But, there are hopeful signs, things that he does that help us see that he's making progress. Today, Ian was able to respond to a command to lift a washcloth to his face. It was incredibly labored. It wasn't complete. He couldn't repeat it over and over. He even tried to drop his head once as he was bringing it to his face just to make the connection (pretty clever, huh?).

When we were discussing these things tonight, we had to remind ourselves of the care that the Lord has for Ian. Despite his very serious condition, we believe that God deeply cares for Ian and that nothing is outside of God's control. This situation is somehow the best possible thing for Ian and for the glory of God. We don't understand how this could possibly be the best thing, but we believe it.

Pray for us that we wouldn't grow weary in faith. Pray that Ian would continue to make progress. Pray that he would be able to communicate with us, particularly when he's in pain.

Pray for Ian. Thanks.


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