Jan 7, 2007

He Sleeps

I'm sitting quietly in Ian's room as he sleeps peacefully. He was still sick this morning, but has had a quiet afternoon. They are giving him a different feeding that will hopefully be easier on his stomach. Please pray that the flu would be on it's way out of Ian's body and that he would be well-rested and ready for therapy tomorrow.

"As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness." Psalm 17:15



Anonymous said...

We're praying regularly for Ian and all of you caring for him. It's important for you to know that he is still foremost in our thoughts, and we'll continue to hold him up daily. He is on the heart of hundreds, God continues to give many a burden to pray for him. Don't grow weary!
God is faithful and good.
The Lotinskys

Stillwaters said...

Larissa and Murphys et al,
thanks so much for your continued updates on Ian. Your willingness to keep the rest of us involved and knowledgable is appreciated. And, I love the pictures you are posting with on the blog.

So sorry Ian was bitten by that ugly flue bug that's going around. A few of my friends had something very similar and were pretty miserable. I am glad he is getting some rest today. Resting in God's grace must surely be healing.

I am praying for him and continue to wait for the day when I can read his next publication. Jesus loves Ian and is holding him closer than we can imagine. "in our weekness, He is made strong" In Ian's weekness I cannot fathom the strength of God within...unseen by us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Larissa and Murphys.
Thank you so much for keeping this blog up to date, even with the smallest details. And I love the pictures! Keep 'em coming!
What an inspiration it is to see your walk with the Lord through this season of your lives. His strength and mercy is evident in all of you.
I don't write in this blog often (mostly because I don't get the "word verification" to come up on my computer...???) but please know that you are continually in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers and in the prayers of many others.
I pray that Ian gets over this flu QUICKLY. How merciful God was to hold it back while Ian had a trach. I'm not a medical person, but that sounds like it would really have been a problem.
I pray God's peace for you today and God's healing for Ian each day.

Mary Ann K.