Jan 14, 2007

He Gives to His Beloved Sleep

The title is from Psalm 127:2. It seems sleep is what God has been giving Ian lately and lots of it. Each time someone has visited lately, they've come back reporting that he was asleep the whole time they were there. That's a good thing most of the time, but we want Ian to benefit from the therapy he's getting. He falls asleep there, too, though.

God is wise and knows what's best for Ian, but I pray that he would wake up enough to participate in the therapy.

Pray for Ian....

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Anonymous said...

I know it probably isn't, but could it maybe be just the crummy weather? Sure makes the rest of us want to curl up and snooze. That whole barometric(sp) pressure thing and all. How does that work, Jay H.?
I know our God is Lord of the atmosphere, but mabye Ian could be a bit more awake and we could have a bit less rain. I've got mud up to the horse's knees.
At least keep Ian away from windows so he can't see the rainy day and Monday blaas...:}
Will be praying for a more alert Ian. I guess I can endure the rain...No one here is thirsty.
Love to you all