Jan 1, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

More and more Ian is using his voice. Mostly, he complains with it. When he's moved around, when they're getting him dressed, when he's uncomfortable...he groans. The speech therapist heard him make a different kind of noise when she was with him. She said it was as if he was talking to her, but there were no words. Others have heard him do that, too. Josh Brown even thought he was laughing. "I still think about my friend in the hospital everyday," he said, "and continue to pray for him. With every visit, though, I can see Ian's steady progress and the true evidence that God is continually with Ian."

He also had the opportunity to go outside a couple times in the last couple days. The breath of fresh air, I'm sure, is good for him.

Please pray...thanks.

- Steve

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Anonymous said...

Thats good news and a great start that he is waking up gradually!!! God is good!! Hallelujah!!