Dec 7, 2006

Trach downsized

I visited Ian last night, and, though I wasn't able to talk with any of the therapists, one of the nurses told me they downsized Ian's trach. I knew that was progress when I heard it, because they had told us before what progress would look like. They had said before that they were going to try the special valve on his trach (see previous post "Gizmo Noise") for a long time (i.e. all day). If he tolerated that (i.e. if his blood oxygen level stayed normal), they would downsize the trach to a smaller one. That's what they've done. The next step is to cap it, and if he tolerates that they pull it completely. In other words, at that point, he wouldn't need the trach at all.

All of this means that he's breathing and coughing and swallowing more normally and without the assistance of the trach. It also means that he'll be able to talk to us more easily when he's ready.

Pray that he could talk to us. And, remember to pray that his eye would heal and that his knee would heal.

Thank you so much for praying...


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Anonymous said...

I heard about Ian's accident through a friend, and she asked me to pray. I check the blog daily because I love reading how God is healing Ian day by day. The faith Ian's family has is so amazing and encouraging to me. I pray for Ian daily.

Rachel C.
from NH going to school at PBU