Dec 12, 2006

An Encouraging Visit

We received the following email from a family friend who visited Ian last night:

What a blessing...Ian was more alert and awake than any of my previous visits. He never closed his eyes and always seemed to be focused on our direction. His jaw and mouth were moving all the time and at times it seemed that he would like to tell us to keep quiet so he could get a word in too! His color was super and he just encouraged JJ and myself so much tonite. We had no intention of letting up on prayer and yet God, as you already know, gives us little tastes of what He can do with Ian and what is yet to come.

Having said all that...the other blessing was meeting Larissa whom we had not met previously. We shared our admiration for the specialness of all that she was able to give Ian and what we were experiencing likely was the afterglow of her visit before us. The opportunity to know godly men and women who reflect Christ in special ways is a blessing from Him. In addition to the Murphy Family, tonight we had time to be around two special children of God and it was a blessing. May God bless Ian and Larissa both!

-Frank Wilhelm

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