Dec 28, 2006


We watched the speech therapist work on Ian yesterday. She's good at what she does. She moves a vibrating thingy all over his face to stimulate the nerves in his face and irritate him. She gets a reaction from him, too. Yesterday he groaned when she was doing it. She had said to him, "I'll stop if you tell me to, Ian." So, he groaning.

Several people have asked us about how he did with the applesauce. When we talked to the speech yesterday, she said she tried it on him. She fed him some applesauce (a very small amount) to see if he would swallow it. He didn't swallow it right away, so she held off giving him any more. She was going to keep trying it every day, though.

Thanks for praying.....


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TimKurtz said...


Thanks for keeping us updated and for teaching me much about faith and prayer. I continue to intercede for Ian, you, and your family.