Nov 12, 2006

Some highlights from the weekend

On Friday night, Frank Wilhelm and Tim and Donna McKelvy visited. They said he opened his eyes and followed them with his eyes. They said, “he started to open and close his hand and curled [his] fingers and put his thumb up.” That’s a very significant sign that he hears us!

On Saturday, he didn’t really “wake up” until late morning (he’s still in a coma, but he goes through cycles where he’s more or less active). When he was “awake”, once again, he smiled at Larissa, and he was moving his arms and squeezing their hands as he has been doing for the last week or so. Larissa’s sister, Lisa, was holding photos up to him, and he was following those pictures with his eyes.

On Saturday night, in addition to all the other things we’ve noticed him doing, he responded to a nurse’s request to open his mouth when she needed to clean his mouth. He smiled at Patty Wallwork when she and Meghan and Jan McKelvy visited him. They noticed that he smiled and his heart rate went way up when they put headphones in his ears while an Alexi Murdoch song was playing. The Alexi Murdoch CD is a new one he just bought the week before the wreck; he and Caleb bought it together. This may suggest something about the state of his short term memory.

More baby steps…please keep praying….

Steve Murphy


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful to hear! You have folks praying for you out here in Denver. Please let me know if there is anything I can do:
(303) 464-9507

You have my prayers.

In Christ alone,
Franz Schneider
Grace Community Church, Westminster, CO

All the Millens said...

Dear Murphys, The last two posts made me smile and even laugh a bit out loud! How sweet of God to continue to give you tangible expressions of His mercy on Ian. We pray for you daily and Ian is especially high on Elisabeth's (our 5 year old) requests. Some Spurgeon words that seem to mark what you are experiencing to those of us looking on:

"No joy can excel that of a soldier of Christ: Jesus reveals himself so graciously and gives such sweet refreshment that the warrior feels more calm and peace in his daily strife than others in their hours of rest."

Trusting in God and praying for Ian, Katherine, on behalf of all the Millens in Lancaster.

Anonymous said...

That is great news!!! Brings a smile to my face to hear each time something good happens!!! Here is a verse that I thought brings a lot of encouragement!!! The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD; he is their stronghold in time of trouble.
Psalm 37:39 (New International Version). Keep trusting in God!!! He is performing a miracle!! God bless! Will continue to pray! ~Jen