Nov 8, 2006

The One Loves to Heal

Jesus never turned away anyone who asked him for healing. He waited to heal on occasion (John 11:6, for example), but there is no record of him not healing someone who fervently asks him. This doesn't mean God will definitely heal Ian or God owes us a healing, but it does show us what kind of God Jesus is. He loves to heal; He loves to show His power through demonstrating control over His world.

Since we have a great God who is not apt to turn us away, here is one more thing we can ask Him. Ian is in a place called LifeCare, a rehab hospital in the Wilkinsburg area of Pittsburgh, and it seems like this place will really help him recover. However, our insurance company has only approved a three-day stay until Friday; if he is moved he would go to a nursing home. Pray that they would change their minds so Ian would be able to stay at LifeCare. We believe this is the best place for him right now.

Seize this opportunity to rely on God; keep praying!

"Long as they live must Christians pray,
For only while they pray they live."


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Michael Q said...

Josh Harris has an intresting blog post about trusting God during trials.
Check it out:

I remain amazed at the faith in God that I have seen come from people that are close to Ian.