Nov 20, 2006

Ian's Big Adventure

Mary and I arrived at Life Care at 9:00 this morning and were really excited that Ian was packed up and ready to be moved to Children’s. After a short ambulance ride, we got to Children’s Institute where the nurses started checking him out. After about an hour, the doctor came in and told us that because of Ian’s fluctuating sodium levels, she was not confident that she could meet his medical needs right now. She suggested that he be transferred back to Life Care or to UPMC under his original doctor.

So that brought another ambulance ride and four hours in the UPMC ER. But being back at Presby almost felt like being at home, and we were (and still are) confident of the care that he receives there.

Now Ian is in Montefiore, just across the street from Presby. The endocrinologists are working to balance out his sodium levels so that he can return to Children’s. There are tons of doctors and nurses checking up on Ian and, God willing, it will be a short stay at UPMC.

For those of you that want to visit Ian, please call the Murphys first. Ian’s new room is 1044 South, Montefiore.

I was reminded again today that God knows what is best for Ian and He knows exactly what Ian’s body needs and where the best place is for him to be.

Thank you for your prayers.


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