Nov 16, 2006

Ian Moving?

It appears that Ian will be beginning rehab on Monday morning at The Children’s Institute in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. This is a very good place for Ian to be. How this happened is too long of a long story to report here, and it’s not a guarantee. Everything seems to be falling into place, though. Pray that this actually happens. There are still some hurdles we need to get over first. Pray, also, that he could stay where he is until Monday.

Ian continues to do well physically. They removed the giant “external fixator” or brace from his leg. They also removed the brace from his wrist. He continues to breathe very well, and it looks as though sometime in the next week his trach will first be downsized and then removed altogether.

He also continues to take baby steps to cognitive recovery. Once again, he removed the little oxygen sensor that’s clipped to his finger today. Larissa moved it to another finger, and he removed it from that finger, too. When he was done, he curled his fingers as if to say, “you’re not getting that thing back on me.” Last night, when Larissa came in the room and started talking to him and holding his hand, I thought he was going to jump out of his bed. He was almost convulsing. He’s also beginning to move his right hand more and more, since the cast and brace are off. When the speech therapist was in to work with him today, she noticed that Ian was really trying hard to make sounds, and he did succeed.

Pray that Ian wakes up. If this is to be a long process of rehab, he needs to be fully awake to be able to participate. Pray most of all for a miracle. Thank you…

Steve Murphy

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