Nov 9, 2006

Gizmo noise

We visited Ian today when the speech therapist was in to try a gizmo that attached to his trach and that would allow him to use his voice. She attached the gizmo and told him to say 'ah'. He managed to say it a few times. He sounded a little like Darth Vader gargling, but it's a start. At least he was responding by giving us some sounds. He was very active and "awake" today, moving around and holding his eyes open. Most of the time even when he is awake he acts like his eyelids weigh about 200 pounds each. Baby steps...

Steve Murphy


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Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news!
Think about it:
Ian heard what was requested of him, understood it, processed it, and even though his "speaking" voice hadn't been "heard" in days, he did the necessary work to make himself "talk"! God is blessing him with progress.
I'm praying daily for Ian; many times a day. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date.

Mary Ann K.