Nov 19, 2006

Another Report from a Visitor (Vicki Gold)

I had the privilege of visiting Ian today along with his brother Caleb, Maureen Bourke, and Sarah Kearney. Ian was “awake” for the entire visit, although for much of the visit we were working hard to keep him awake. I hadn’t seen Ian since three days after the accident. He had his eyes opened for most of the visit and was looking at us. He held one of our hands the entire visit. He moved his fingers a lot and has a very tight grip. He was holding Caleb’s hand so tight at one point that Caleb’s hand was all red when he was finally able to get his hand loose.

Steve had told us that when Ian’s heart rate goes below 90 that he is entering into a sleep stage and it is hard to wake him. At one point his heart rate was about 88 and Maureen pulled out some chocolate chips. She took one chocolate chip and let it melt between her fingers and kept waving her fingers back and forth under his nose. Ian’s heart rate went up to 103 and he even made the “ahhh” sound pretty loud (see gizmo noise 11/9/06) like he was trying to tell us, “Stop teasing me and let me have the chocolate!” Ian started to “convulse” a little and Maureen got some on his lips. Maureen wiped it off. Ian started moving his tongue in and out like he was desperately trying to lick his lips. Poor guy – he never got any chocolate. I don’t think he could have opened his eyes anymore if he tried. He was really responding to the chocolate. A little later Sarah pulled out the chocolate covered coffee beans and he had a similar response.

I saw Ian holding our hands with a tight grip. I saw Ian “come alive” when smelling the chocolate. I was encouraged that Ian is still very much with us. He is trying to communicate with us, and he is trying very hard to come back to us. Please continue to pray for Ian. Everyday the Lord answers another prayer for Ian. So many prayer requests have already been answered. Everyday he is a step closer to waking up. Do not grow weary praying for his healing. The Lord hears our every prayer.


Sing to the Lord; bless His name. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does. Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise! Psalm 96:2a,3b

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