Oct 24, 2006

Waiting for Mercy

“When we plead with God and have not realized success, we become more earnest and more intent and our hunger increases. If we obtained the blessing when we first asked, we would not have a sense of mercy’s value.” -Charles Spurgeon, Beside Still Waters p.31

What comfort I have found in God’s word and books that help me meditate on His word.
My dear friend Gretchen Allen had been telling me that she often fell asleep with this book in her arms but I wasn’t motivated to read it until I myself became desperate for comfort. Life can be confusing, but God’s word is wonderfully simple and oh so sweet.

“If the ships of prayer do not speedily return, it is because they are heavily loaded with blessings. When prayer is not immediately answered, it will be all the sweeter when the answer arrives. Prayer, like fruit, is ripened by hanging longer on the tree.”

-Mary (Ian’s mother)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Mary - thanks for your post. Thank you for your humility and trust in God in what you wrote. I am a member of Crossway Church of Lancaster and we are praying for God to heal both Alivia and Ian.