Oct 13, 2006

Sleep, Ian

There’s nothing much to report on Ian tonight; he just looks like he’s laying there in his bed sleeping. I was talking to one of the medical staff, though, about Ian’s condition asking for specifics and about how they were treating each. I had noticed that the heart rate and blood pressure were higher than normal, and I asked if that was related to the fever that has perplexed them for several days. She didn’t know. I asked if he had received any pain medications, and she responded in a peculiar way. She answered my question by saying, “yes, as needed, but he hasn’t needed them.” Surprised, I asked how they knew when he needed them. She said that an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure could indicate that the patient felt pain; she said they conclude that a patient has felt pain when the pain medication reduces both the heart rate and blood pressure. They had administered the pain medication and found that it did absolutely nothing…so he feels no pain. Choked up, I thanked God again for the coma, because his brain registers no pain. If he continues in the coma till the Lord takes him home or till the Lord does a miracle on his knee or till the natural God-designed process (assisted by skillful doctors) runs its course to a recovery, he’ll feel no pain. God is kind.

So, sleep, Ian. We’ll wait.

Thank you for your prayers.

Steve Murphy

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