Oct 10, 2006

Ian's wall and more from Monday...

We thought you might like to see Ian's wall...
We have been putting up photos, scripture verses, song lyrics, cards, quotes, ect... on the wall/window in Ian's room... it's starting to have some personality. It's nice to see the photos and encouraging to read the scriptures.

Here's another Monday update from David:

Dear Friends:

I just got back from seeing Ian. He seems to be
doing about the same, except they took the breathing tube out of his
mouth and put in the trake (spelling?).
He looks much more like his old self, which is very much a comfort!

Some recent news:

His eye doesn't seem to be responding to light in the way it was yesterday, Steve told me tonight.

he is still moving. Tonight when I was with him, quoting scenes from
one of his favorite movies in his ear he
turned his head
away from me...possibly annoyed. They said old
sounds, songs, smells, voices, ect. could spark something in Ian's mind
and wake him up.

But, things are still very serious.

We are so grateful for your prayers...
"The Lord has heard my plea;
the Lord accepts my prayer."
Psalm 6:9

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Hinz family said...

Steve and Mary, may your strength be renewed like the eagles. You have blessed our life with the authenticity of your love for the Lord of Eternal Life!
Our prayer for Ian is Psalm 103:2-5
"Praise the Lord, o my soul... who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you (IAN) with love and compassion"
May our desire for Ian to recover fully be God's will as well. Amen.
God's favor is upon you all.
Paul and Martha Hinz