Oct 22, 2006

Ian off the vent...

I just checked this morning. Ian stayed off the vent all night. 24 hours off of the ventilator! And, he hasn’t had a fever for two days. Thank you, Lord.

Steve Murphy


mike hartnett said...

praise the Lord, this is very exciting!

Savannah said...

Thank y'all so much for these little updates! Please know that there are people all over the country seeking the Lord in Ian's name.
I have been so encouraged by the effort to turn this whole issue over to God by those closest to him. Whatever happens at the end of this long and difficult valley y'all are in, I know God has been glorified through it and will continue to be after the trial is over.
We will keep praying right along with y'all and hope to someday soon be able to rejoice in Ian's full recovery!

Savannah Luevano
Community Life Church of South Denver
Littleton, Colorado

TImK said...

Thank you, Lord, for these answers to prayer.

Towropes said...

I prayed for Ian yesterday and really, to speak simply, felt something good was happening as I prayed. Add me to the big list of those in faith--you all are still in my prayers!

Rebekah Turner