Oct 20, 2006

Ian breathing easier

Ian is breathing a bit easier according to his respiratory therapist. They’re in the process of weaning him off of the ventilator, and he’s taking it well. They currently have him on the minimum level of treatment the ventilator can provide him. They expect him to be off of it completely by tomorrow. That would be great if he could get off of it completely. It would be great for us, too, if he could get completely off the ventilator, since we could put him into a nursing home in Indiana. There are no nursing homes near us who will take patients like Ian on a ventilator.

Please pray that he would get off the ventilator completely. Please continue to pray, most of all, that he would wake up. Remember to talk to him or read to him if you go to visit him. He needs the constant stimulation. Thank you for your kindness to us….

Steve Murphy


TimK said...

Steve, this is an answer to prayer! I wish that I could be there to talk to and annoy Ian and see him get of the ventilator. I will continue to pray that he will breathe on his own so that he can move closer to home. And since I can't implore Ian to wake up I will continue to ask our Father to wake him up.

Remembering Ian and your family in prayer throughout the night watches,

Anonymous said...

We attended LOL fellowship when Ian was a very young child and we want you to know that we are praying for you all. May God be very near and hold you in his hands. We know that He hears and answers prayer. Bill & Linda Wrikeman

mike q said...

One more step in the right direction!
God is still in control and I'm still praying. (although I find the former much more comforting!)

cynthia haughery said...

Thank you for the update, Steve. Just want you to know that we are praying for Ian and you all. We have good hope in the Lord's kind mercies. It is good to be in the Lord's hands.

mike said...

It would be so great if Ian could leave the hospital!

praying and praying...

-Mike H