Oct 11, 2006

i left the hospital for the first time on tuesday. on my way back to iup, i was reminded again of what the source of my joy must be. as i was driving on 286, looking at all the beautiful leaves on the road, i was thinking about what i based my joy on before ian's accident, and what i am still tempted to base my joy on. i love autumn, so on a beautiful day like yesterday, i would be joyful, because everything in my life would seem great. but give me a rainy day, and a sad song on the radio, and suddenly i would feel not quite as joyful. but God reminded me yesterday that our joy should not come from things on this earth. this seems like an easy concept, but in times like these, it's way more evident that if we are basing our joy on relationships or people, we would be left with nothing when something like this happens. For all of you that are close to Ian, we feel different empty areas without Ian with us each day. For me, it's not having my best friend to tell everything to or his smile that says "i love you." for David, it's the constant laughter and conversations with his life-long best friend. for the murphy's, it's those loud footsteps down the steps and that voice that makes everyone laugh that isn't there now. But we must be reminded to thank God, thank God, that we are saved, that Ian is saved, and that our joy does not depend on what's going on in our lives. We are saved. Ian is saved. our ultimate joy, that deep, insatiable joy, is that we, and IAN, are saved. Be encouraged, all of you prayer soldiers who love Ian so much, be encouraged at how good God has been to us and Ian in the past, and know that that hasn't changed. Think about His promises for the future.

I pray that God gives all of you strength as you miss Ian and as you continue to diligently pray. I can't wait for the day that Ian wakes up, and we fall to our knees before God.



Ned said...

I just wanted to say how encouraging your words are to a lot of people... Through all of this and seeing you, the Murphys, and the Altrogges, I've never been so encouraged. I have grown closer to God through your attitude and through the prayer that God continues to answer. I'll continue to be praying for all of you. God Bless

jen marie said...

how interesting - that was exactly what i asked beth to tell david this morning... there is no greater gift and joy than that of our salvation.

continuing to pray for you, Larissa, and for David, Beth, the Murphy's, and Ian.

what a joy that we do not have to plead for his salvation.

his eternal destination is secure - hallelujah.

::still praying::

Ann Gatchell said...

I concur with Ned! The faith & trust in God that has been shown by so many through all of this has challenged my own faith and caused me to think bigger thoughts of God. I only met Ian once. He was my family group leader at New Attitude this year. I also work with his dad, Steve.

I just wanted to say that many of us here in Lancaster are praying, fasting and praying and praying some more! We had a timely message from Warren Boettcher on Sunday about faith-filled prayers. He reminded us that we need to not only try to understand God's perspective but also value God's perspective as the best thing. Larissa, you are expressing so much of that in your post. You are truly valuing God's perspective. May God continue to pour out His sustaining and comforting grace on you, Ian's family and many others!

me said...

Wow, thank you for sharing that. Thank you so much. I thank God for His work here!