Oct 18, 2006

For Mary


This is for you and Ian from our friend, Zziwa John. I know that you love his prayers.

Hullo mr. lan murphy.

lts so sorrowful for the pain and sickness you are going through with your family and friends we dedicate our prayers to the lord that all the operations you are going through would be successful and the lord would restore you back to normal.

He never lets us to suffer.He suffered for us so as we could have life and joy and thats why He cured peoples in mathew 8:14-17, luke 6:17-19 and again in mathew 4:24-25 the lord is the source of life.He hears our prayers and He will put his hand of healing on your life and there would be grate changes in your life.The weakness and pain you are feeling right now is going to be taken away and you are going to be stronger and stronger in the name of the lord.

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