Oct 15, 2006

A few days ago the doctors “dialed down” Ian’s ventilator. Today, they dialed it down further, so I think that means he’s breathing better, which is a good thing. The chest x-ray of his lungs looked nice and clear today, which is an improvement. They have him on an ice sheet of sorts to control his fever; he even had goose bumps! Mostly, he’s just sleeping and healing.

Thanks for your continued faith-filled prayers for Ian.

Steve Murphy

"I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me...your blessing be on your people! Selah"
(Psalm 3:5, 8)


Tori said...

Thanks Steve for taking the time to keep us regularly updated in the midst of all you are going through. It helps to know how to pray for Ian on a regular basis as well as how to pray for you (the family and Larissa.)

We are sharing in this trial with you and crying out to our Savior for healing. Vicki

dawn said...

I also want to express my sincere thanks to you. I find my words woefully inadequate to truly express what I desire to say. Know that I am praying for Ian's complete healing as well as continued strength, grace and overwhelming peace to all of you. Your family is an incredible testimony of what it means to stand on His promises and leaning on Him to carry you through. You are an inspiration not only to me but countless others as well.

Dawn Lingenfelter